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We help you Define Design Test Maintain new and existing leachate extraction systems


We design & build high efficiency methane stripping plants

We blend Experience Technical Expertise with our engineering and software tools in a way that simplifies complexity, streamlines processes, reduces risk, and your total cost of ownership.

Leachate Solutions.com Services


We can define your leachate treatment system engineering requirements.


We can design your leachate engineering treatment system.


We can test your new or existing leachate treatment system.


We can provide cost effective, efficient leachate treatment system maintenance programs.

Reduce Cost

Our services reduce costs across your organization.

Meet Compliance

Our services help you to become, and remain, complaint with your Environmental permit or Trade Effluent Discharge Consent.

Meet Milestones

Our services help you meet project milestones on time.

Increase Efficiency

Our services help increase efficiency and are quantifiable through real time data analysis.

The net result?

  • Organization runs more efficiently.
  • Project milestones are met.
  • Documentation is kept up to date.
  • Systems meet compliance requirements.
  • Quantifiable cost savings.
  • Real time telemetry systems.
  • The Environment and Reputations remain safe.